About ECMi


ECMi is dedicated to solving a wide variety of infrastructure issues for the wastewater, industrial and large commercial industries. Failing pipelines, tank linings, manholes and other structural assets decrease the efficiency of critical infrastructures.

Wastewater systems that have been rejuvenated have lower operating costs and benefit from an extended useful life.

Founded in 2009, ECM Holding Group, Inc. is employee-owned. ECM operations are organized into specialized groups to provide superior technologies and project solutions for leading ESCOs, corporate clients, and utilities in North America.

ECMi is an operating unit of ECM Holding Group

Who is ECM?

ECM Holding Group delivers practical, economically sound solutions for lasting energy efficiency.


We work with a broad spectrum of clients to create efficiencies in industrial facilities, office buildings, municipalities, hospitals, schools, universities, prisons, government facilities, and other structures.


ECM Office Locations


Other ECM Groups

Each ECM Group maintains best practices expertise and relationships for each trade. They also share technology platforms, a cross-trained labor pool, and ESCO project management expertise. 


4f75d2_70ff97ef70d6424ebda3c5cf5156e5cf~mv2.pngBuilding Envelope Solutions – ECM’s BES group is a leading single-source partner for insulation, window efficiency, and other weatherization services. 

HVAC Armor – Providing solutions for the protection, restoration, and increased efficiency of HVAC equipment: Cooling Coil, AHU, & Cooling Tower Rejuvenation; Pipe Coating Insulation; and New Equipment Coatings.

Lighting – ECM has a full-service, turnkey lighting group which has completed over 100 million square feet of ESCO retrofit lighting. Our flexible approach delivers savings on every project.

TEL – Offers world-class airflow solutions for new and existing laboratories to deliver a safer workplace environment, improved energy efficiency, and better operational performance. 

Water – ECM’s AQUA Energy Group offers water heating, treating, pumping, steam, and electric fixture tuning and upgrades; pipe inspections; cooling tower cost savings; smart meter retrofits; irrigation optimization; and sustainable pool technologies. 

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