Have you heard of the popular TV show Dirty Jobs?

They recently featured manhole cleaning and coating with products from our vendor OBIC. The technology you see here is what we bring to our manhole jobs. Enjoy!

Repairs & Coatings

  • Manholes 
  • Large Tank Linings
  • Culvert Linings 
  • Lift Stations / Wet Wells
  • Wastewater
  • Storm Water
  • Potable Water
  • Fountains

Why Choose ECMi?

ECMi repairs and coats aging water, wastewater,
and industrial infrastructure with no-dig technologies.

Our spray-in-place lining systems prevent inflow & infiltration while reversing corrosion. 

Question: How long does a manhole repair stop traffic?

Answer: This video shows one reason why ECMi is better: Our polyurethane formula dries faster!

Liner Advantages

  • Third-party S.W.A.T.s (Severe Wastewater Analysis Test) confirm superior resistance to Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and corrosion
  • All formulations meet ASTM G210-13 
  • Crack Resistance Prevents Inflow & Infiltration
  • Fast Curing
  • Competitive Pricing
  • No Secondary Chimney Seal Required
  • Adds Structural Support to the Manhole 


Culvert Coatings

It can be challenging to restore culvert and large diameter pipe infrastructure. And the bigger the pipe and higher the water volume, the bigger the issues and risks. This part of the wastewater system is often neglected.

We approach these systems carefully to ensure safety, efficiency, and effectiveness. Our people are trained to inspect, diagnose, and develop tailored solutions. ECMi audits make sure we have the right plan, technology, and people for each project.

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